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Your access to competitive funding - Our core business

calls-for-proposalsWe assist international organizations and companies to succesfully apply in Calls for Proposals and Tenders to manage or execute programs. Our bid writers are skilled composers of concept notes, full proposals and technical and financial bid. We have a success rate above 85%. They know perfectly well how international funders think and what they expect from a good proposal. Also, our proposals are distinct: they have a compelling logic, are evidence-based and show compassion and subject-matter knowledge. They are also well elaborated: with clear and tangible outputs and high cost efficiency.

Our bid writers are client-centred. They co-create the proposals with the international organizations and companies that hire us, and their local consortium partners. They take the time to build up, review and discuss the project strategies with them.

They are also experienced in the internal procedures and criteria of international funders, such as the European Union, World Bank, and Dutch, Swiss, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Britisch bilateral donors. They can anticipate operational problems. They know how to "hit the right buttons", presenting the convincing proposals where this really matters for those who appraise them. We also come up with appropriate and workable operational procedures for those who implement the projects once approved.

We are executive in our service. As bid writing is by definition deadline work, we plan the process very neatly and quickly deliver whatever is expected from us: in terms of editing, process management, revision of texts or budgets or backstopping of fund raisers. We assume executive responsibility for the tasks that are assigned to us.

We have done assignments in Southern, East and West Africa, Latin America and South Asia, for organizations such as Oxfam, SNV, CARE, ChristianAid, USAID, HIVOS, ICCO, Cordaid, AMREF Flying Docters, Pax, the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, Ministries of Agriculture, the Rural Energy Foundation, D.Light, and many civil organizations and socially responsive companies. We have also elaborated successful proposals in regional business plan compititions.

We have helped companies, governments and NGOs to establish public private partnerships (PPP) and successfully apply for multi-million infrastructure and thematic Calls for Proposals, such as ORIO, PSI and the thematic Dutch funding windows for renewable energy, climate change, food security, water, and sexual and reproductive health