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dienstenDevelopment donors increasingly stage calls for proposals and tenders to decide on funding. For some organizations and companies this is already business as usual - but for others it may still be unexplored territory. For those who are not yet really conversant with competing for grants for proposals and services, this may be a challenge, possibly even frowned upon, as it involves direct competition on cost effectiveness and accountability-for-results. The more experienced ones normally already have a thriving portfolio of projects and contracts - and are able to accommodate to the donors' procedures.

Tenders2Go is there for you as development organization or socially responsive company - in all stages of the bidding for proposals or contracts. We advise you in different  ways: to help you to define your fund raising strategy or to elaborate a proposal or bid. We take the stress out of your hands, and assist you practically in all relevant matters - and allow you to build your strategic assets to successfully position yourself on this public sector market segment:

  • We help you to analyse and select those calls and tenders that match with your organization's or/ company's edge, We take you through the proposal or bid writing. We can even stage a full bid writing desk for you, should you wish to outsource this function. In such a case we establish a tailor-made desk for you and scans all leads, pick out the ones at which you may stand a good chance, and elaborate the corresponding concept notes, full proposals, expressions of interest or full technical and financial bids. 
  • It is quite an art to approach the international donor world competitively. Tenders2Go is specialised in what we call "international public sector marketing". This bears a lot of similarity to regular marketing and sales, but differs in the risk-averse and compliance-driven attitudes, the formality of the procedures and the continuous accountability on costs and results. We can help you find your way through the maze of donor relations management, fundraising for projects and service contracts.
  • When your organization or company wins project funding or service contracts, this has quite an impact. Not all organizations and companies can adapt their management routines all so easily to the donor demands. We have the experience and knowhow to map out the required changes and support you put these changes into place and make sound strategic decisions when managing international donor contracts and the strict procurement and accountability routines that come with it.
  • Tenders2Go gladly shares its expertise and experience. We developed a set of short and concise trainings that we can give in-company, at our own facilities, or in any preferred location. They cover topics like succesful bidding, e-tenders, international public sector marketing, bid writing desks and contract management. We can give these trainings in English, Portuguese and Spanish. They can also be incorporated into a follow-up mentoring and coaching trajectories.
  • Apart from this, we can supply specialised services. You may, for instance, need legal consultancy to read a tender document or contract properly; question a procedure or grant decision; or establish a consortium. Or you may face the need to document your quality management, environmental management or social responsiveness policies and practices; and proof that these meet the internationally accepted certification standards.

We have a pool of excellent professionals that cover all these fields. This allows us to find creative solutions and think out-of-the-box - even beyond the context of just winning a project or contract. We are very seasoned management consultants who are always busy with calls and tenders, 24/7. We are passionate about what we do - and we are proud to excel. 

We are an internationally respected company. For many respectable and big organizations we are the preferred partner to raise substantial institutional funds. We have a solid and persistently good track record.  

Tenders2Go is more than just your first aid when bidding for calls for proposals or tenders: we are a commercial think tank with a strong hands-on mentality to build your success and expand your international development project portfolios.