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International donors have substantial grants and project management contracts that they wish development organizations and socially responsive companies to bid for. Tendering has become their principal procurement mechanism. Tenders2Go has made it its mission to equip you better to apply for such grants and contracts. We are there for you to actively and selectively improve your success rate for calls for proposals and management tenders. 

Our clients cover a diversity of sectors and countries. Their common denominator is: sustainable development, ready access to basic services and respect for human rights. 

We work on the basis of fixed fees and/or success fees. 

For every client we offer these services:

  • aansluitenA first meeting (free of charge) to get to know each other, and to advice you on how you may improve your success rate at bidding for international grants and contracts.
  • We assist you (free of charge) to elaborate a profile to identify the most relevant calls and tenders for your organization
  • Whenever we come across leads that you may stand a good chance at, we notify you by e-mail (free of charge).
  • We assist you (at a charge) to analyse possible calls and tenders you have identified and help you to decide whether or not you are applying.
  • Our bid writers and subject-matter specialists are at your service (against a 20% reduced fee if you hire them for more than 40 hours)
  • According to your specific needs we stage go/no-go scans, analyse your organizations contract management routines, offer legal consultancy, mediate in forging consortiums and/or set up a bid writing desk for you.
  • We can train your staff through our one-day master classes

What do we charge?

Tenders2Go offers its services in different ways:

  • As regular advisory services at a fixed daily rate of € 960 (ex-VAT) - with a 20% discount in case you hire us for more than 5 days (making it € 768 (ex-VAT) per day). These charges exclude the cost of transport and accommodation, which will be invoiced seperately. Our consultants do not charge DSA or per diems.
  • For trusted clients we also offer the possibility to work on a 1% success fee, plus an up-front fixed fee to cover the operational expenses (normally € 6,000 (ex-VAT) for small projects and € 12,000 (ex-VAT) for bigger projects
  • For trainees we charge € 960 (ex-VAT) per person attending our one-day master classes
 Fixed fee  Short assignments:  € 960 per day  Long assignments:  € 768 per day
 Success fee  Small projects:         1% + € 6,000

 Big projects:            1% + € 12,000

 Training  Master class:            € 960 per person per day

 Coaching:                € 960 per day

How to contract us?

Just contact us with the contact form, skype us at: tenders2go of or call: +31 6 25219182

How can one contract our services?

Contact us with the contact form, skype tenders2go or call with +31-6-25219182.